Bulgarian Construction House 's mission is to present the best achievements in the construction business both in Bulgaria and abroad.The company specializes in the design and construction of public and residential buildings. The company closes the complete construction cycle: from emergence of an idea, implementation possibilities evaluation, design, construction, lease or sale, to the maintenance.

We want to convince our customers in our honorable intentions; therefore, we rely on established specialists with rich experience and high professional qualifications. Our company's priorities and business principles are: competence, professionalism, uncompromised client-centric quality, partnership, respect.                                                                            

Our goal is to maintain high standards and apply the latest trends in the contemporary field of construction.

We strive to offer high-quality products that match the needs of today's exacting and knowledgable client. We want to offer the best at a most acceptable price.

The well-trained architects and engineers who design our new buildings are familiar with high-profile construction materials and advanced technologies. Our work is marked by high professionalism. We are open for the latest innovations in the world both in the design and organization of the contemporary home or office, and in constructing and offering the final product to the clients.